Spring Rock Park


 Size: 41.7 Acres
Address: 4400 Central Ave.
Location: Old Town Neighborhood
Spring Rock Park has several features that are different depending upon the section of the park. The northeast quadrant is the oldest section and has the highest elevation. A large mature stand of a variety of species to include Oak, Elm, Ash and Pine trees provide a base for excellent passive recreation. The southeast section is the location of three old well sites from which the name Spring Rock Park was derived. The western half of this park presents a unique subsoil condition with a peat moss base that was subsequently used as an ash dump and then covered by top soil.
The southwest quadrant is the lowest and allows for gradual percolation of ground waters from the park. The western boundary lies adjacent to Flagg Creek and beyond that an eight-lane interstate highway. An earthen berm and mature stand of trees stands between to soften highway noise and provide a pleasant visual setting. 
As a community park, Spring Rock Park also serves as a neighborhood park and a tot lot. In addition to the park maintenance building you’ll find a playground, two full size soccer fields, one full-sized football/lacrosse/soccer field that is lighted and one smaller football field, five little league fields, two of which are lighted and two that can be used for softball, seven lighted tennis courts, two sand volleyball courts, picnic areas, two pavilions, three sports activity storage facilities, two basketball courts, two horseshoe pits, four drinking fountains, flush toilet facilities, walking paths, and two flower gardens.